Indiana Champions League
This is a league sanctioned by Indiana Soccer (Member of United States Soccer Federation). This is a "CLUB" league and teams must enter through their club. Individual teams may enter the league but will only be accepted as  determined by the Advisory Committee and the Commissioner.
There are 2 types of members in the Indiana Champions League:
Full Member is a club who commits all U8-U12 players to the developmental league, and supports the other leagues. They obtain the right to vote on all league matters and host league matches. Players can attend PDP trainings at no cost.

Limited Member is a team who is playing in a league independently of their own club. The team does not obtain a right to vote, nor will they be able to host developmental matches. Their players can participate in the PDP program but there is cost.

About the League:

This is a developmental league sanctioned by Indiana Soccer. Each Club must first apply to the league has a club, then once accepted each team must enter independent of each other. 

Individual Teams whose club is not currently members of the league may participate, by first applying to the Indiana Champions League, the directors will then decided based on need your acceptance.  

Questions about the Indiana Champions League:  indianachampleague@sbcglobal.net
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